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Great Response to MindGenius 4

MindGenius has now released Version 4 of its popular mind mapping software, MindGenius and since its release, it has received great feedback from customers and mind mapping industry experts.

Published: 22/06/2011

MindGenius 4 Now Released

MindGenius Ltd has now released Version 4 of its popular mind mapping software, MindGenius.

Published: 26/05/2011

Using MindGenius with iThoughts

iThoughts with MindGenius support was released recently. While I believed it to be a good option for capturing thoughts on the move, I wanted to see how easy it was to get the info back into MindGenius.

Published: 19/04/2011

Latest Gordon Wyllie article available on Task Management

Gordon Wyllie, Product Development Executive has been working on a series of articles to share his experiences and knowledge with readers and hopefully inspire them to get the most out of MindGenius. In this recently released article, he explains how to udnertake task management with MindGenius.

Published: 15/03/2011

Maintenance Release 3.71 now available to download

MindGenius Version 3.71 is now available to download. This maintenance release is free to all Version 3 customers. Version 3.71 can be downloaded from

Published: 21/02/2011

Displaying results 11-15 (of 59)
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