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MindGenius in the Metropolitan Police Service

"If a way forward still wasn’t evident, using MindGenius to reorganise the data more logically would often provide the insight I was looking for, and the clear graphical views would then allow me to brief my management team."

Published: 15/06/2010

Version 3.6 now released and available for download

MindGenius are pleased to announce that Version 3.6 of their mind mapping software has now been released and is available to download. MindGenius 3.6 is free to all MindGenius Version 3 customers

Published: 06/06/2010

Using MindGenius mind mapping software for meetings

During the recent ash cloud crisis in Europe, many organisations were crippled by an inability to reach clients or colleagues around the world. Using MindGenius in conjunction with web collaboration tools such as Webex or Netviewer, allows organisations to collaborate with customers or clients, regardless of geography. One organisation who is doing this across their enterprise is Baker Hughes.

Published: 13/05/2010

BSG Valentine use MindGenius for financial planning

Many people who have used MindGenius, may have used it for planning and to generate more creative ideas but may not realise how it can also be applied in the financial planning arena. One company who is doing this is BSG Valentine, a London based firm of chartered accountants.

Published: 09/04/2010

New Education video demo released

MindGenius are pleased to announce the release of a new education focused video demo which is ideal for those new to MindGenius, including pupils or students who may be new to the concept of mind mapping, or for colleagues who are new to MindGenius mind mapping software.

Published: 09/04/2010

Displaying results 31-35 (of 59)
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