Quick Tips

F2 - Short cut key to edit

In the same way as MS Office packages, MindGenius allows you to use F2 to edit, Just hit the F2 key and the "edit branch" dialogue will appear and allow you to quickly format the text on your branch.

Quick Keys

Constantly switching between keyboard and mouse can be distracting but MindGenius allows you to avoid doing this and to quickly navigate around your map.
The 'Home' key will take you back to the root branch, The 'End' key, takes you to the last branch, Up/Down/Left/Right arrows move focus around the map.

Quickly Correct Mistyped Case Entries

This is a common mistake – you start typing and realise that you have forgotten to switch off (or on) the caps lock, or you have switched it on by accident halfway through a word. Using Shift + F3 will allow you to change the case on branch titles. Simply press "F3" again to continue to amend the capitalisation.
If you need to amend the text that you have added to a branch title, click on the branch and select F2, instead of double clicking using the mouse. The "edit branch" dialogue will appear.

Quick Access to the Notes Pane

If you are building a map to create a report or other type of document, it is likely you will have added content to the Notes field in the Properties pane. In order to easily and quickly access and re-read or add to them, just double click on the Pencil icon on any branch that contains Notes. This will allow you to view your Notes no matter what field you have currently selected in the Properties pane.

Changing Branch Cases

As your ideas flow and your map grows, you may be typing rapidly. If you find yourself typing a branch and realise you have typed it all in upper case when you didn't mean to, or you've forgotten to add capitals to the start of a word, there’s no need to delete and retype, or backspace back to the beginning.

Just select the branch, then press “shift and F3” until you see the case of text you would like.