Map Explorer

The Map Explorer, or “outline” view appears on the left hand side of the screen, below the MindGenius file menu and allows you to focus in on any area in your map, either to revisit what you said earlier or to add more detail without getting lost in the detail.

Many other mind mapping applications do not contain this facility and instead, you need to “pan” around your map. While this is fine on a small and simple map, if your map grows any larger than your screen size, it can be difficult to navigate.

Fig. 1  Map Explorer

To use Map Explorer:

Just click on any word you wish to focus in on. In the main map pane, the view will change to display this word and any “child” branches you have associated with it.

If you see a “plus” sign within map explorer, this means there are further branches and ideas hidden. Simply click on the plus sign to reveal them and then click on any you wish to focus in on. Likewise, where there is a “minus” sign, and you wish to view only key ideas in the outline, you can click this to hide the ideas and leave only the Level 1 ideas on display. This won’t change anything in the main map view unless you click on a branch name.

Fig. 2 Map Explorer with 'plus' and 'minus' signs

This facility is also ideal if you wish to present directly from MindGenius rather than using the Export to PowerPoint capability. It allows you to display a succinct overview to your audience and then use Map Explorer to delve into each section of your presentation.