Exporting to a Basic MS Word Document

MindGenius uses a specified MS Word template to create a Word document on export. This takes advantage of different styles for headings, sub-headings and body content. However, if you would prefer a more basic Word document which adopts the same font style for all branch titles, and indicates the hierarchy of the map by indents then you can create your own template.

The Word template MindGenius uses defines how the map looks once exported. Level 1 branches take on the Heading 1 style, Level 2 branches take on the Heading 2 style, and so on.

To create a basic Word document on Export, you should create your own Word template that defines Heading 1, Heading 2 with an indent, Heading 3 with a further indent, and so on. Then use the MS Word "Save as" feature to save as a Word template and select this template on the ‘Save as Word’ dialog when you export your map.

Creating and using your own templates like this means that you can also pre-format the headers and footer of your exported documents with Company logo, page numbers, etc.
Fig. 1 Save as Word dialogue